Thursday, May 29, 2008

Words that start with "F" . . . . .

In addition to Family, Friends, Faith, Fotos, Food, Fun and Forever Fran, here are some words that come to my mind: fantastic, fabulous, fascinating, Farmington, fluffy, frilly, female, fifty-five, Filipino, frosty, faithful, foreordained, forgive and forget, fellowship, funloving, flip-flops, festive, familiar, fancy, fresh, fireflies, formula, fudge, February, fairygodmother, ferrari, fishing, firefighter, flavorful, filet mignon, fireworks, flowers, frisbee, 49ers, furniture, freedom, feelings, fantasyland, folksongs, flying, fountains, footloose and fancy free, Florida, feasible, floss, feminine, fruitcake, flexible, frolic, fairness, fireside, ferris wheel, fritos, fajitas, frijoles, fiesta, feathers, fantasia, Friday, fleece, fingerpainting, father-in-law, frankly, ferocious, flag, forest, fidelity, fiddle faddle, fig newtons, fizzy, fuzzy, funky, fashionable, ferryboat, froglegs, future, fabric, fragrant, french fries, fictional, favorable, flute, footrub, fern, fragile, festival, futon, fertility, fiancee, fuchsia, floating, finesse, fortify, fiber, far-out, fooey, FM (as opposed to AM), and 50/50 (as in my former Farmington fone number and my favorite ice cream bar when I was a child) . . . phew!!! (or is that spelled "few"?) There are other words that don't come to my mind as quickly (nor do I use on a regular basis) such as frazzled, fickle, fighting, fearful, famine, forensic, financial, France, filthy, fade, freak, freckles, flippant, Frankenstein, formica, for real?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Left My Heart in San Francisco . . .

Tony Bennett made that song popular in the 60's and I've loved it ever since! We will find any excuse to drive into San Francisco. This time it was to celebrate Mother's Day. Riding the cable car down to Fisherman's Wharf brings out the child in me! I love the sound of the clanging bell and the feel of the wind in my face as we ride up and down the steep hills of the city! We stand on the outside step of the cable car as close to the front as possible, sometimes hanging on for dear life! It reminds me of the scene in "Titanic" when Leonardo DiCaprio is holding Kate Winslet by the waist as they're standing on the bow of the ship, her hair blowing in the wind and . . . sorry, I totally just got sidetracked there . . . ! Where was I? Oh yes, down at the wharf. We sat on a bench and ate a whole crab and a bread bowl filled with clam chowder. There's nothing better than to sit next to the water and eat shellfish! It's a great place to just sit and watch people, too, if you like to do that sort of thing (which I do). If you've ever walked along the wharf, you've most likely seen the "Bush Man." Free entertainment. He brings his own greenery, which he carefully hides behind, and awaits the unsuspecting tourist! At just the right moment he picks up the entire bush and jumps in the path of an oncoming victim, causing gasps and jumps and expletives that should be deleted! It's all in fun and he's part of the wharf!
Mother's Day 2008. Randy made it a perfect day for me . . . and, for the record, I didn't really leave my heart in San Francisco. He made sure I brought it home, along with lots of great memories and a promise that we'll go back again and again and again!

Friday, May 23, 2008

What Was I Doing 10 Years Ago?

I checked out Tiffanie's blog yesterday and found her game of "TAG!" Her question was "What were you doing 10 years ago?" and she specifically tagged me! So here is my answer, daughter dear, along with the list you asked me to complete . . .
  • Ten years ago I was living in our peaceful little town of Farmington and I still had kids at home. I was doing laundry, preparing meals, cleaning house, grinding wheat and baking bread. I was playing with flowers in the yard. I was driving kids to cheer practice and music lessons and going to karate tournaments. I was spending time with good friends (that I miss with all my heart right now). I was working full-time at Life-Line. I was speaking to schools, churches, and civic organizations about drug abuse. I had less grey hair, fewer wrinkles, and less time to do some of the things I'm enjoying today. But I still wish I was 10 years younger right now . . .

5 things on my to-do list today:

  • grocery shop
  • have my Xterra serviced
  • get a physical so I can go to Girls Camp this summer
  • pack for the weekend
  • get this list done!

5 snacks I enjoy:
  • fresh fruit
  • pistachio nuts
  • string cheese
  • skinny cows
  • popcorn
3 bad habits:
  • procrastination
  • falling asleep during a video
  • expecting way too much out of myself and others
If I were suddenly a billionaire:
  • Randy would retire early and we'd travel around the world.
  • I would buy a house for each of my 8 kids so we could be near each other.
  • I would buy a family business and provide job security for our whole family.
  • I would put enough $$$ in the bank for all our grandchildren to go to college.
  • I would give $$$ to families in our church who can't afford to send their sons and daughters on missions.
  • I would run a soup kitchen and feed the poor.
  • I would help Life-Line build a gymnasium and donate $$$ to their endowment fund.
4 places I have lived:
  • Alameda, CA
  • San Diego, CA
  • Farmington, UT
  • Stockton, CA
4 jobs I have had:
  • Secretary
  • Wife and mother (the best and my favorite)
  • Dental assistant
  • Director of Admissions
5 things people don't know about me:
  • I'm afraid of heights
  • I can't sleep when it's light outside
  • I eat the center of my pancakes first before I eat the outside
  • I hate the smell of "old lady" perfume
  • I love Western movies
I TAG anyone reading this who has time to do what I just did!!!! Remember, Tiffanie -- I've never told you "no" because you've never told me "no" . . .

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Celebrating Life

Blessings . . . I have many -- far too many to count. The one that's floating on the top of my heart today (which happens to be Mother's Day), is the one that's an answer to prayers offered on behalf of our daughter, Ashlie, by countless people who care about us. Ashlie called us on Monday night to tell us that she had seen the neurosurgeon that day and was scheduled for surgery the next day. Four months ago she was diagnosed with chiari malformation (when the lower part of the brain hangs below the skull) and pseudo tumors (pockets of trapped spinal fluid behind the eyes) both of which were causing severe headaches and distorted vision. A spinal tap would normally relieve the pressure caused by the pseudo tumors but because of the chiari, that procedure could have killed her. The only option was to insert a shunt from the right side of the brain down to the stomach. As she described what was going to happen, Randy and I felt a sense of peace. We knew we'd be getting this phone call eventually and felt strongly that we were not alone. I got on-line and booked a ticket, packed a bag, got up at 3:30 in the morning, and flew into Portland two hours before her surgery. Talking to her surgeon brought great relief as he described how well the surgery went. He assured us that she would be fine and that she wouldn't have the headaches anymore. I heard myself saying, "Thank you, God" over and over and over again. It's amazing that a person can have brain surgery one day and go home the next. It's truly a remarkable time to be alive on this earth. I'm staying until the end of the week and enjoying every minute with Destiny and Lyric. Ashlie is resting and getting stronger every day. Today she is being celebrated by her husband and two small children. I'd say it's a beautiful reason to celebrate Mother's Day! It never meant what it means this year. Life is a blessing, and we have so much to be thankful for!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Missing My Grandkids . . .

Zack and Joe in San Diego Destiny and Lyric in Portland Nicholas and Jacob in San Diego Kaiya and Brody in Farmington

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hooray, Hooray -- The First of May!

Before Randy and I got married we both worked for General Atomic, a large corporation located in Torrey Pines, north of San Diego near La Jolla. I remember one beautiful sunshiny day -- 33 years ago this very day -- flowers were in bloom everywhere! I took him for a ride in my '67 Ford Mustang during our lunch hour. We drove up the coast to Carlsbad to a farm that grows large, colorful, incredibly beautiful flowers called ranunculus that smell as delicious as they look! It was the very best May basket in the whole wide world! Seeing acres and acres of these bright flowers just took our breaths away! He says it wasn't the flowers that took HIS breath away . . . awwww!! Well, for the record, he still takes MY breath away! This picture brought back that sweet memory for me. It's taken in front of a flowering plum tree in our backyard. The pink blossoms seem to burst in the early spring and then are replaced with dark plum colored leaves which hang on until winter. Just thought I'd mention that I loved the man in 1975; I completely and totally adore him today! Hooray, horray, the first of May -- fun in the sun begins today!