Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What Is She Good At?

This is Chelsie Victoria . . . seventh of eight Booker children, fourth daughter of five, and lovingly called Auntie Chels (or Chechie Bo-Bo) by her 8 nieces and nephews! I, for one, happen to think she is one of the greatest people breathing air on the earth! But I AM her mother, so I may have very biased opinions of this wonderful and beautiful young woman! Last week she sent me a text message asking what I think she's good at. I am honored to answer that question and think my thoughts are worth sharing!
First of all, here's how I responded: listening, reasoning, loving, and giving. I also made the comment that I could list many more things because there are so many, many things that she's good at. Here are just a few:
  1. sincerity
  2. confidentiality
  3. not judging
  4. spontaneity
  5. contagious humor
  6. eye-contact during conversations
  7. being a friend
  8. discernment
  9. honesty
  10. not easily offended
  11. careful to not offend
  12. creativity
  13. art
  14. music
  15. understanding
  16. empathy
  17. using her head
  18. using her heart
  19. writing (composing and penmanship)
  20. fashion
  21. make-up
  22. hair
  23. beauty, in general!
  24. laughing
  25. making others laugh
  26. sewing
  27. healthy eating
  28. respect
  29. spirituality
  30. affection for animals
  31. non-materialism (is that a word?)
  32. remembering Mother's Day and Father's Day
  33. remembering Mother's and Father's birthdays
  34. love for holidays, in general
  35. generosity
  36. playtime
  37. working
  38. sharing

I would really like to go on and on with this list, but I have to fix dinner.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day 2008

Holidays are not the same as they used to be. Back in the days when we were raising a large family, there were lots of bodies around and lots to do. Now that we live in an empty nest, the bodies are HIS and HERS and we still have lots to do! This Father's Day we packed a picnic lunch, rode our bikes to a local park, spread out a blanket, plopped ourselves down and devoured the best hoagie sandwiches around! We took a nap in the shade of a big old tree, laughed at the ducks, smiled at little children with their fishing poles, listened to birds chirping, and talked about life. Although the world only celebrates Father's Day once a year, there are men who should be celebrated much more often. I was fortunate to be married to such a man. Our children are blessed to have the Dad they have; truly a gift to all eight Booker kids. I wish I would have had such a Dad when I was growing up. So, my dear Ran, here's to you! Thanks for being who you are and for making my life so sweet -- so very, very sweet!! They say there's a season for all things and this is our season. We'd take the kids back in a breath. But for now, they are in their own season, making their own memories. We're just grateful for the understanding we have that we'll always be a family -- a forever family!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday, Randy!

Birthdays are celebrated so differently these days. Used to be I'd bake a cake and spend three hours decorating it, usually after midnight so the kids would be surprised in the morning. I have pictures of the cakes to remind myself of those days (Darth Vader, Strawberry Shortcake, Cowboys, Cabbage Patch Dolls, and Barbies). Where is that energy level now, I ask myself??
Today, with just the two of us, we'd rather have any number of other goodies instead of cake, so no cake for the birthday boy yesterday. We did, however, enjoy a fabulous dinner at the Elephant Bar and the waitress was kind enough to take our picture. Using my Blackberry phone, she took this picture (after deleting the first one) which to me isn't such an easy task. But for her? Click, click, click, without any hesitation at all, making me feel sorta silly about needing all 17 days that it took me to figure out how to use the stupid thing. I don't know -- are people just born today knowing how to program and use Blackberries, iPods, DVRs, digital cameras, GPS systems, X-boxes, and all four remotes that it takes to watch a DVD on TV???
Sidetracked again, sorry . . . Randy had a very nice birthday. All eight Booker kids called him on the phone (which when you think about it, takes up much of the day) and he enjoyed reading all the thoughtful cards that he got in the mail. So -- do I miss decorating those storybook cakes that I spent hours decorating a hundred years ago? In a word, yes!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Over the river and thru the woods .....

OK, this is what happens when you set the camera on "Timer" then run to get in the picture, then run to stop the camera. My next camera will have a remote!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Into the Woods!

This is a tree laying on the ground on its side. Randy is standing at one end (which was the base of the tree at one time) and you can see what used to be the top of the tree (which looks like a hole at the other end). Is that awesome, or what?
We spent the day hiking at Big Trees State Park this weekend. It's just a couple of hours from home located in the Calaveras National Forest -- a beautiful place to forget about work, the phone, and people! We couldn't have asked for a better day -- just a handful of other hikers, clear blue sky, all the sounds of a fairytale forest, massive redwoods, fragrant pines, and an intimidating river complete with rapids -- yep, a perfect day!
Some of the trees were 20 feet wide and so tall that at times we couldn't see the sky above. Getting away like this recharges my spiritual battery. We kept saying that our kids and grandkids would love this. We solved all the problems of the world -- well, it seemed like it anyway! We reminisced about the past and dreamed about the future. On the way home we talked about the great day we had -- how glad we are to live so close to such an amazing place; how grateful we are to be strong and active; and how much we appreciate a company car and FREE gas! We came home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and decided that we will probably fill the summer with mini-vacations just like this one!