Monday, November 24, 2008

CRAZY 8's (Susan tagged me!)

8 TV shows I love to watch: 1. Grey's Anatomy 2. HGTV 3. The Today Show 4. Evening News 5. Jeopardy 6. American Idol (can't wait for the new season) 7. House 8. Deal or No Deal 8 favorite restaurants: 1. Cocoro's 2. Arroyo's 3. Victoria's 4. Fatty's Kitchen in Honolulu 5. David Wong's 6. Hawaiian Ono Barbeque 7. Qdoba's 8. Panera Bread 8 things I did yesterday: 1. Went to church 2. Talked to Tiffanie on the phone 3. Talked to Courtnie on the phone 4. Talked to Jenifer on the phone 5. Talked to Patrick on the phone 6. Said good-bye to a few friends in Stockton 7. Tithing settlement with my Bishop 8. Visited my mother 8 things I'm looking forward to: 1. Thanksgiving with Ashlie, Stephen, Destiny & Lyric 2. Christmas with Patrick, Tammy, Nicholas & Jacob; Jason; Jenifer, Paul, Zackary & Joe 3. Moving back to Utah next month 4. Watching Brody learn to walk 5. Seeing both Courtnie's and Chelsie's new apartments 6. Working with Jim Smith 7. Being with my Utah friends again 8. Staying in touch with my Stockton friends 8 things I love about THIS fall: 1. Pumpkin bread 2. Colorful leaves 3. Hot apple cider 4. Sitting in the hot tub and looking at the stars 5. Having a fire in the fireplace 6. Bundling up with scarves and hats 7. Homemade soup and hot bread 8. Long walks with Randy 8 things on my wish list: 1. To see family and friends more often 2. A white Christmas 3. Less anger in the world 4. Less fat/calories in yummy desserts 5. Good dental check-up tomorrow 6. A new complicated digital camera 7. To have a "Tiffany Anderson" massage 8. More time with Randy 8 people I tag: Ashlie, Courtnie, Chelsie, Tiffanie, Shalee, Cori, Beth, Velvet

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Utah Bound!

This has been a whirlwind of a week -- emotionally, physically, mentally, and everything in between! The company Randy works for purchased a new facility in Clearfield and asked him if he was willing to move to Utah to be the General Manager there. Since four of our eight children live in Utah, it didn't take any time at all for us to make our decision. They want him to start before the end of December which gives us less than six weeks to finalize the move. The housing market in California (specifically in Stockton where we currently live) could not be worse right now. We have no choice but to rent our home out for the next few years until the economy improves enough to sell it. Next week we'll list the house with a rental agency, make arrangements with the movers, and begin the very intense process of another major move. We're going to Portland to visit Ashlie and Stephen and the kids for Thanksgiving; coming home for a week before the movers arrive to pack up the house; moving into the home we've rented in Layton; then going to San Diego to visit our three children and their families the week of Christmas. You're beginning to feel the whirlwind now, right? Not to mention preparing to say 'good-bye' to our friends here in Stockton -- it's already sadder than we imagined it would be. We have made some wonderful friends here, especially at church. We've talked to half a dozen of them today; each conversation was filled with laughter and tears; happy for us and sad for them. Life seems to be a series of hello's and good-bye's -- I like the hello's a lot more. So, "hello" Layton ..... I hope you welcome us as warmly as Stockton did five years ago (I think this is the last move we'll make). And "hello" Utah Booker's: Dustin and Shalee and Kaiya, Courtnie and Brody, Chelsie, and Tiffanie and Ben (sorry Ben, I know you're not a Booker)! Our hearts are ready to come home!

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Perfect Weekend!

Monterey, CA - The Perfect Getaway!
The Perfect Wave!
The Perfect Weekend!
Randy and I enjoyed three perfect days in Monterey and Carmel last weekend. We heard comments from people in town about the unusually "perfect" weather -- clear blue skies, no wind, and temperatures in the low 80's, unseasonably warm for November. We shared this special time with two other couples -- the guys played golf and the girls spent the day at the spa. The day began with a soak in a jetted tub filled to the top with bubbles in a private room overlooking the ocean. Soft music, fresh fruit, herb tea, and a private sun-deck made this day -- well, umm -- perfect! A tap on the door was the signal that it was time to move on to an hour-long facial followed by a therapeutic massage, then finishing up in the sauna. Ahhhhh ....
We visited the Monterey Aquarium on the infamous Cannery Row, enjoyed delicious seafood, shopped a little, and played a lot! We took the 17-mile scenic drive through Carmel which follows the coast line and winds through the notorious Pebble Beach Golf Course. No matter where in the world we go, our hearts are happiest near the ocean. There's just something rather special about the salt air, the sound of crashing waves and seagulls, and the warm sand beneath our feet. My idea of a perfect getaway for sure! For the record, this was a perfect weekend!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

California's Prop 8

One week ago today, California passed Prop 8 -- a very contraversial issue, not only in this state but in the nation.
In 2000, 61% of California voters passed Proposition 22 which banned same-sex marriage. In May 2008, four San Francisco-based judges overturned that vote and disregarded the will of the people, forcing Prop 8 to appear on the ballot as an amendment to the state constitution. In August, Randy and I were asked by the grassroots coalition to actively work on the "YES on 8" campaign restoring the definition of marriage to read, "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California."
We believe that the judges did not have the right to do what they did, the way they did it. Why do we vote if it doesn't matter anyway?
We worked very hard for three months on this campaign. We believed then, and more firmly believe now, that we did the right thing. We have friends and family who have been offended by our stand. We love them nonetheless. The state of California has a Domestic Partnership Code which allows them all the benefits and rights they desire, short of being married. If the majority of the state believes in traditional marriage, the law should not be changed. Plain and simply, that's how I feel.
Anticipating the failure of Prop 8, a local elementary school had begun teaching that there is no difference between traditional marriage and gay marriage. A friend of mine's niece came home from elementary school two weeks ago with a paper introducing this subject. A school in San Francisco took the children on a field trip to attend a lesbian wedding. Friends of ours who recently got married said the application for their marriage license read "Party A and Party B" instead of "husband and wife." The opponents of Prop 8 said this had nothing to do with children. It has everything in the world to do with children. Sadly, this is just the beginning of how children and society will be affected as we continue to address this issue.
The majority of people in California have, one more time, voiced their opinion through proper legal channels. There are not words to describe the chaos that has begun in California over this subject. I'm sad and disappointed in the way the opponents of this proposition have reacted -- vandalizing churches, protesting in front of LDS temples, verbally and physically abusing people, etc. Undoubtedly, this will appear before the voters again one day. But for now, the majority of registered voters in the state of California believe that marriage should be reserved for one man and one woman. My personal belief is that the divine sanctity of marriage was instituted by our God 6000 years ago. Who are we to change that?