Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Visit with the Folks!

We drove up to Washington to see Randy's parents over Thanksgiving weekend. We don't see them as often as we'd like to since we live so far away. What we don't have in quantity, we more than make up for in quality! We had the best visit with them, including a fabulous dinner, a game of Skip-Bo, and some catching up on family news. They loved seeing Destiny and Lyric and were impressed with how bright and bubbly they both were after such a long drive.
Being the avid deer hunter that he is, Randy's Dad really liked the sweatshirt we gave him for his birthday. You look pretty spiffy there pal! We love them and miss them, and of course, honor them as they are 86 and 84 this year. They bowl in a couple of leagues each week and play cards with friends. I hope we can be that active when we're that age! Thank heavens for family, near and far.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Giving Thanks (on Thanksgiving!)

We spent Thanksgiving in Portland with Ashlie and her family. Oh how I love being with them, and how I love being able to play gramma!! Stephen's parents live close by so we all shared Thanksgiving dinner together. We got all dressed up and headed over to the Grand Lodge for a fabulous traditional meal -- turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, yams, and pumpkin pie. No cooking, no cleaning, no leftovers (ouch, now I DO miss that part)! Ashlie and Stephen had to work the next day so Randy and I spent the night at Sylvia and Tim's and kept Destiny and Lyric overnight. What a riot! Those two little people can program and play Wii games like the pro's. It was hysterical watching Destiny box and Lyric bowl. They got a good work-out, that's for sure! It was really special to sit down next to Destiny and listen to her read. She is not even in Kindergarten yet and she's reading 3rd grade books. She doesn't even stumble over four-syllable words. Incredible! And Lyric, who isn't even four yet, navigates the Internet until he finds the educational programs he likes. Whoa, have times changed since I raised my babies! Now to give thanks for the many, many blessings in my life: a loving husband; sweet children and beautiful grandchildren; friends that love and support me; physical, mental, and emotional health; love overflowing; knowing what's true and what's not; freedom to choose; freedom to worship; happiness far beyond my deserving; opportunities to serve others; and most of all . . . knowing that I have a Heavenly Father and a love for my Savior. I try not to take these things for granted. I have at various times in my life. I will try not to and I will make course corrections when necessary. Yes, my life is overflowing with blessings and I am very grateful -- not only at Thanksgiving time, but always!