Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hooray, Hooray -- The First of May!

Before Randy and I got married we both worked for General Atomic, a large corporation located in Torrey Pines, north of San Diego near La Jolla. I remember one beautiful sunshiny day -- 33 years ago this very day -- flowers were in bloom everywhere! I took him for a ride in my '67 Ford Mustang during our lunch hour. We drove up the coast to Carlsbad to a farm that grows large, colorful, incredibly beautiful flowers called ranunculus that smell as delicious as they look! It was the very best May basket in the whole wide world! Seeing acres and acres of these bright flowers just took our breaths away! He says it wasn't the flowers that took HIS breath away . . . awwww!! Well, for the record, he still takes MY breath away! This picture brought back that sweet memory for me. It's taken in front of a flowering plum tree in our backyard. The pink blossoms seem to burst in the early spring and then are replaced with dark plum colored leaves which hang on until winter. Just thought I'd mention that I loved the man in 1975; I completely and totally adore him today! Hooray, horray, the first of May -- fun in the sun begins today!