Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Left My Heart in San Francisco . . .

Tony Bennett made that song popular in the 60's and I've loved it ever since! We will find any excuse to drive into San Francisco. This time it was to celebrate Mother's Day. Riding the cable car down to Fisherman's Wharf brings out the child in me! I love the sound of the clanging bell and the feel of the wind in my face as we ride up and down the steep hills of the city! We stand on the outside step of the cable car as close to the front as possible, sometimes hanging on for dear life! It reminds me of the scene in "Titanic" when Leonardo DiCaprio is holding Kate Winslet by the waist as they're standing on the bow of the ship, her hair blowing in the wind and . . . sorry, I totally just got sidetracked there . . . ! Where was I? Oh yes, down at the wharf. We sat on a bench and ate a whole crab and a bread bowl filled with clam chowder. There's nothing better than to sit next to the water and eat shellfish! It's a great place to just sit and watch people, too, if you like to do that sort of thing (which I do). If you've ever walked along the wharf, you've most likely seen the "Bush Man." Free entertainment. He brings his own greenery, which he carefully hides behind, and awaits the unsuspecting tourist! At just the right moment he picks up the entire bush and jumps in the path of an oncoming victim, causing gasps and jumps and expletives that should be deleted! It's all in fun and he's part of the wharf!
Mother's Day 2008. Randy made it a perfect day for me . . . and, for the record, I didn't really leave my heart in San Francisco. He made sure I brought it home, along with lots of great memories and a promise that we'll go back again and again and again!