Monday, June 2, 2008

Into the Woods!

This is a tree laying on the ground on its side. Randy is standing at one end (which was the base of the tree at one time) and you can see what used to be the top of the tree (which looks like a hole at the other end). Is that awesome, or what?
We spent the day hiking at Big Trees State Park this weekend. It's just a couple of hours from home located in the Calaveras National Forest -- a beautiful place to forget about work, the phone, and people! We couldn't have asked for a better day -- just a handful of other hikers, clear blue sky, all the sounds of a fairytale forest, massive redwoods, fragrant pines, and an intimidating river complete with rapids -- yep, a perfect day!
Some of the trees were 20 feet wide and so tall that at times we couldn't see the sky above. Getting away like this recharges my spiritual battery. We kept saying that our kids and grandkids would love this. We solved all the problems of the world -- well, it seemed like it anyway! We reminisced about the past and dreamed about the future. On the way home we talked about the great day we had -- how glad we are to live so close to such an amazing place; how grateful we are to be strong and active; and how much we appreciate a company car and FREE gas! We came home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and decided that we will probably fill the summer with mini-vacations just like this one!