Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday, Randy!

Birthdays are celebrated so differently these days. Used to be I'd bake a cake and spend three hours decorating it, usually after midnight so the kids would be surprised in the morning. I have pictures of the cakes to remind myself of those days (Darth Vader, Strawberry Shortcake, Cowboys, Cabbage Patch Dolls, and Barbies). Where is that energy level now, I ask myself??
Today, with just the two of us, we'd rather have any number of other goodies instead of cake, so no cake for the birthday boy yesterday. We did, however, enjoy a fabulous dinner at the Elephant Bar and the waitress was kind enough to take our picture. Using my Blackberry phone, she took this picture (after deleting the first one) which to me isn't such an easy task. But for her? Click, click, click, without any hesitation at all, making me feel sorta silly about needing all 17 days that it took me to figure out how to use the stupid thing. I don't know -- are people just born today knowing how to program and use Blackberries, iPods, DVRs, digital cameras, GPS systems, X-boxes, and all four remotes that it takes to watch a DVD on TV???
Sidetracked again, sorry . . . Randy had a very nice birthday. All eight Booker kids called him on the phone (which when you think about it, takes up much of the day) and he enjoyed reading all the thoughtful cards that he got in the mail. So -- do I miss decorating those storybook cakes that I spent hours decorating a hundred years ago? In a word, yes!