Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day 2008

Holidays are not the same as they used to be. Back in the days when we were raising a large family, there were lots of bodies around and lots to do. Now that we live in an empty nest, the bodies are HIS and HERS and we still have lots to do! This Father's Day we packed a picnic lunch, rode our bikes to a local park, spread out a blanket, plopped ourselves down and devoured the best hoagie sandwiches around! We took a nap in the shade of a big old tree, laughed at the ducks, smiled at little children with their fishing poles, listened to birds chirping, and talked about life. Although the world only celebrates Father's Day once a year, there are men who should be celebrated much more often. I was fortunate to be married to such a man. Our children are blessed to have the Dad they have; truly a gift to all eight Booker kids. I wish I would have had such a Dad when I was growing up. So, my dear Ran, here's to you! Thanks for being who you are and for making my life so sweet -- so very, very sweet!! They say there's a season for all things and this is our season. We'd take the kids back in a breath. But for now, they are in their own season, making their own memories. We're just grateful for the understanding we have that we'll always be a family -- a forever family!