Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What Is She Good At?

This is Chelsie Victoria . . . seventh of eight Booker children, fourth daughter of five, and lovingly called Auntie Chels (or Chechie Bo-Bo) by her 8 nieces and nephews! I, for one, happen to think she is one of the greatest people breathing air on the earth! But I AM her mother, so I may have very biased opinions of this wonderful and beautiful young woman! Last week she sent me a text message asking what I think she's good at. I am honored to answer that question and think my thoughts are worth sharing!
First of all, here's how I responded: listening, reasoning, loving, and giving. I also made the comment that I could list many more things because there are so many, many things that she's good at. Here are just a few:
  1. sincerity
  2. confidentiality
  3. not judging
  4. spontaneity
  5. contagious humor
  6. eye-contact during conversations
  7. being a friend
  8. discernment
  9. honesty
  10. not easily offended
  11. careful to not offend
  12. creativity
  13. art
  14. music
  15. understanding
  16. empathy
  17. using her head
  18. using her heart
  19. writing (composing and penmanship)
  20. fashion
  21. make-up
  22. hair
  23. beauty, in general!
  24. laughing
  25. making others laugh
  26. sewing
  27. healthy eating
  28. respect
  29. spirituality
  30. affection for animals
  31. non-materialism (is that a word?)
  32. remembering Mother's Day and Father's Day
  33. remembering Mother's and Father's birthdays
  34. love for holidays, in general
  35. generosity
  36. playtime
  37. working
  38. sharing

I would really like to go on and on with this list, but I have to fix dinner.