Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why? "Because . . ." (that's why)!

"Why?" It's all about peer pressure. That terrible thing that happens to all mankind at some point in life. I don't recall doing anything like this when I was a kid. So perhaps this is part of a mid-life crisis for me . . . "I don't know!" Now that I think about it, that's the answer I always got when I asked my children why they did some off-the-wall stupid thing. "I don't know!" or "because . . . " To which I'd respond, "What were you thinking?" And the obvious answer to that question was, "I wasn't." But in this case (the case of kissing the banana slug), I did know what I was doing. And it's like this: I was hiking with seven young women from the Stockton Stake. We were on a 20-mile trek over three days and we happened across a banana slug. The banana slug is actually the mascot for the University of Santa Cruz, the area in which we were hiking. Kissing a banana slug is a 5th grade science class tradition and, as they say, "everyone's doing it!" So - if everyone jumped off the top of a building, would I? NO! If everyone jumped out of a boat, would I? NO! But, for some reason, when each of these young women kissed the banana slug, I felt compelled to follow their lead. So there, Booker children, we're even! OK, OK, OK???