Monday, September 1, 2008

I Filled in the Blanks - Will You?

I am: a child of God – the daughter of a King I think: I have a lot to offer I know: I am loved by my family and friends I want: everyone to be happy I have: the best husband in the world and very amazing children I dislike: mean, selfish, deceitful people I miss: being with my children and grandchildren I fear: not being with my family for eternity I feel: a deep sense of gratitude I hear: what I want to hear sometimes I smell: babies and flowers whenever I can I crave: sushi almost every day I cry: silently when someone hurts my feelings I usually: am the first to apologize I search: for answers I wonder: if my posterity will know what kind of person I was I regret: things I’ve said that may have offended someone I love: passionately and deeply, sometimes to a fault I care: about the feelings of others I always: fall asleep during a video I worry: when I absolutely have to; but if someone else does, I don’t I am not: a mean person I remember: to say "please" and "thank-you" I believe: there is good in everyone I sing: when I’m driving because I know no one can hear me I don't always: remember what people say, but I do remember how they make me feel I argue: with myself and try not to with others I write: a weekly update to my children without fail I win: at games very rarely I lose: things quite often, but I find them eventually if I look hard enough I wish: I could see my children and grandchildren more often I listen: with my heart and not with my ears sometimes I am talented: but not at art or music or sports or design or writing or .... (oh crap) I can usually be found: where I'm supposed to be I am scared: of snakes and spiders and creepy crawly things I need: my friends I forget: about problems when I’m with Randy I am happy: because I choose to be!