Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Steadfast in the Sun (and in the Son)

What I get from the sun and from the "Son" .....
The Sun:
Light - I need lots of this; lots of windows; I don't do well in the dark
Warmth - I'm a summer kind of girl; I love to feel the sun on my skin
Energy - Being outside during the day gives me lots of this
Brilliance - I adore vivid colors and hues
Inspiration - I get my best thinking done on long summer walks
Joy - Everything seems happier in the daylight
Memories - Growing up on the beach in San Diego and vacations to tropical islands
Hope - I can count on it coming up every morning, bringing me a new day
The Son:
Light - He "is" this in my life
Warmth - I can feel His presence, especially when I pray
Energy - He gives me everything I need to keep going
Brilliance - He is the Giver of all intelligence and wisdom Inspiration - He plants good thoughts in my mind and answers my prayers Joy - He gave me a happy spirit
Memories - I know where I came from
Hope - He gives this to me constantly and I know everything will be OK