Friday, November 21, 2008

The Perfect Weekend!

Monterey, CA - The Perfect Getaway!
The Perfect Wave!
The Perfect Weekend!
Randy and I enjoyed three perfect days in Monterey and Carmel last weekend. We heard comments from people in town about the unusually "perfect" weather -- clear blue skies, no wind, and temperatures in the low 80's, unseasonably warm for November. We shared this special time with two other couples -- the guys played golf and the girls spent the day at the spa. The day began with a soak in a jetted tub filled to the top with bubbles in a private room overlooking the ocean. Soft music, fresh fruit, herb tea, and a private sun-deck made this day -- well, umm -- perfect! A tap on the door was the signal that it was time to move on to an hour-long facial followed by a therapeutic massage, then finishing up in the sauna. Ahhhhh ....
We visited the Monterey Aquarium on the infamous Cannery Row, enjoyed delicious seafood, shopped a little, and played a lot! We took the 17-mile scenic drive through Carmel which follows the coast line and winds through the notorious Pebble Beach Golf Course. No matter where in the world we go, our hearts are happiest near the ocean. There's just something rather special about the salt air, the sound of crashing waves and seagulls, and the warm sand beneath our feet. My idea of a perfect getaway for sure! For the record, this was a perfect weekend!