Monday, November 24, 2008

CRAZY 8's (Susan tagged me!)

8 TV shows I love to watch: 1. Grey's Anatomy 2. HGTV 3. The Today Show 4. Evening News 5. Jeopardy 6. American Idol (can't wait for the new season) 7. House 8. Deal or No Deal 8 favorite restaurants: 1. Cocoro's 2. Arroyo's 3. Victoria's 4. Fatty's Kitchen in Honolulu 5. David Wong's 6. Hawaiian Ono Barbeque 7. Qdoba's 8. Panera Bread 8 things I did yesterday: 1. Went to church 2. Talked to Tiffanie on the phone 3. Talked to Courtnie on the phone 4. Talked to Jenifer on the phone 5. Talked to Patrick on the phone 6. Said good-bye to a few friends in Stockton 7. Tithing settlement with my Bishop 8. Visited my mother 8 things I'm looking forward to: 1. Thanksgiving with Ashlie, Stephen, Destiny & Lyric 2. Christmas with Patrick, Tammy, Nicholas & Jacob; Jason; Jenifer, Paul, Zackary & Joe 3. Moving back to Utah next month 4. Watching Brody learn to walk 5. Seeing both Courtnie's and Chelsie's new apartments 6. Working with Jim Smith 7. Being with my Utah friends again 8. Staying in touch with my Stockton friends 8 things I love about THIS fall: 1. Pumpkin bread 2. Colorful leaves 3. Hot apple cider 4. Sitting in the hot tub and looking at the stars 5. Having a fire in the fireplace 6. Bundling up with scarves and hats 7. Homemade soup and hot bread 8. Long walks with Randy 8 things on my wish list: 1. To see family and friends more often 2. A white Christmas 3. Less anger in the world 4. Less fat/calories in yummy desserts 5. Good dental check-up tomorrow 6. A new complicated digital camera 7. To have a "Tiffany Anderson" massage 8. More time with Randy 8 people I tag: Ashlie, Courtnie, Chelsie, Tiffanie, Shalee, Cori, Beth, Velvet