Thursday, January 29, 2009

Welcome Home ..... For Good This Time!

Since moving back to Utah six weeks ago, Randy has continued to work in California. At first we thought we'd both be here as of January 1st, but then it looked like he would not be joining me until February or March. After living apart for the past six weeks, I got the call that he was coming home this week! It felt like Christmas knowing he was coming home to stay. It's been an annual tradition to place luminaries in front of our home (and along the street) on Christmas Eve. I knew he was leaving for Utah at noon and that he'd be driving for 12 hours, so I went right to work on my "welcome home" project. I put two cups of sand inside each bag along with a votive candle and carefully (and lovingly) placed each bag along the driveway leading up the steps to our front porch. It was 20 degrees outside but I was so excited that I didn't even feel the cold! After the luminaries were finished, I went inside and baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies, lit a fire in the fireplace, and turned on a movie. Like clockwork I heard his car drive in just when the clock struck midnight! What a happy reunion! In the past, we knew we only had a few days together before we'd have to say good-bye again. This time is different. The luminaries burned until the wee hours of the morning. And now we begin our life in Utah, together once again .....

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Sleepover With Mawna

Kaiya got to spend the night with her "Mawna" (that's what some of our grandkids call me) and we did girl things! We got out the toy beauty parlor that Tiffanie played with 20 years ago and put curlers in each other's hair. We brushed and combed and fussed until we decided we were beautiful! Then we had dinner (gourmet mac-n-cheese and string beans). Next on the agenda was a game of catch. Every time Kaiya caught the ball, she took a bow! And when I caught it, she would stare at me until I took a bow, too! We laughed at each other so hard, we almost cried! Then we curled up in front of the fireplace and watched "The Little Mermaid" together. There's something pretty magical about watching a little girl dance around like Ariel. I could tell she was getting a little tired so we brushed teeth, read a story book, and said prayers before the lights went out. As I sang her a lullabye, I could hear deep breathing and she was down for the count! She slept peacefully through the night and woke up with the biggest smile on her face. For breakfast we shared waffles with peanut butter and maple syrup (just the way Peepa likes 'em) and before we knew it, Dustin and Shalee were at the door to take their little girl home. What fun we had and I bet it won't be long before another sleepover is on the calendar! Love ya Princess Kaiya -- come back soon!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Home Again!

I am home! I am really, really, home again! I have to pinch myself cuz it seems like a dream. I have missed my lovely Utah for far too long. Never to leave again.
"How did this happen?" you ask? Well, I'll tell you .....
I prayed silently for a miracle: "Please send us back to Utah where my heart longs to be." A week later Randy came home from work and said, "Ryerson needs a General Manager in Clearfield." I stared at him in disbelief and the tears ran down both our faces. He accepted the transfer and I began the process of getting everything lined up for the move: contacting the moving company, finding a home in Utah, sticking a "For Rent" sign in our front yard in Stockton, and saying a tearful "good-bye" to sweet friends in the Creekside Ward. Then away we went! We arrived in Layton on December 13th to a prize-winning snowfall. The movers delivered our furniture two days later. It stopped snowing long enough for everything to come inside, then promptly began snowing again for two straight days. I shoveled snow with a very happy heart while singing "There is sunshine in my soul today!" One of the greatest blessings of this move is that Dustin, Courtnie, Chelsie, and Tiffanie (and their families) live close enough to come over for Sunday dinner. Also, I've re-connected with dear friends that I've missed so much. The neighborhood we live in is safe and beautiful. Our new ward at church has welcomed us with open arms. And my spirit is joyful once again! And all because of a silent but powerful answer to prayer. Thank you, thank you . . . with a grateful heart, thank you! I am home again!