Thursday, February 19, 2009

Snow, Snow, and More Snow!!!

Each night, I watch the weather report on TV with great anticipation! I like the weatherman best when his report includes a "gangbuster" of a snow storm! Then I wake up early the next day with the excitement of a child on Christmas morning. I quickly look out the window while whispering under my breath, "Please, please, please ...." followed by "Yes, yes, yes!!!" I love snow! I am wickedly happy with the amount of snow we've gotten here recently! I put on my warm robe and big furry slippers, made myself a big cup of hot cocoa, and sat at my front window long enough to be respectful. When I could stand it no longer, I put on my jeans and sweatshirt, found my mittens and boots, and I was OUTTA THERE!!! I grabbed the snow shovel and got busy doing what I love to do after a big snowfall! I can shovel and shovel and shovel until my old body tells me "All right -- enough already!" And, oh yes, I touched up my big old snowman I built last week -- patting here and smoothing there -- until he was perfect once again! (This picture was taken after I measured 20" of new snow on our driveway Tuesday morning. I only shoveled HALF the driveway because I couldn't throw the snow any higher. I left the rest for Randy to finish when he got home from work!) OK, he doesn't love the snow as much as I do, but we are enjoying it together nonetheless! Bring it on Mr. Weatherman -- make my day!! (again ...)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Meet "June-Bug"

Let me introduce you to my newest creation! His name is "June-Bug" because he will most likely be around until the month of June! Why? Because I packed him so tightly that he can't possibly melt for months -- he is solid ice inside!!
Two days ago there was very little snow left on our front lawn. Ahhhh .... but yesterday we had a snowfall that left 14" of fresh, beautiful, white snow in front of our home. It was wet and heavy, perfect for building a snowman. (By the way, Salt Lake received NO SNOW yesterday, but we live in Layton and we always get an abundance when it snows!!) Now if you're familiar with the art of "snowman building," you know that you begin with a little fist-sized snowball. You pack it firmly with your mitten-covered hands and begin rolling it around on the ground, accumulating more snow, and patting and packing as you roll. The snowball gets bigger and bigger until it's just the right size for the base of the snowman. Repeat for his belly and again for his head and -- voila!! -- you have a perfect snowman!! I built June-Bug with the snow that came off the walkway leading to our front porch (now that's a lot of snow!). I rolled and patted snowballs so solidly that I could barely lift the second part of June-Bug's body! It probably weighed 250 lbs (or maybe 30). Hence the reason he will be around until June!
I love snow! I love living in the snow! I love watching snowflakes fall from the sky! I love snow all around me! I love the snow-covered mountains! I love shoveling snow from our driveway! I love, love, love building snowmen!!!