Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Spending the Day with Chels

We have fallen in love with Adams Canyon! And the really great thing is .... it's a 5-minute drive from our house to the trailhead! Another wonderful perk of moving back to Utah! This particular outing was sort of a "last hoorah" and farewell as Chelsie leaves for Alaska this week. A time for Randy and I to spend some one-on-one time with this most incredible daughter. We started out very early and enjoyed some solitude along the way. We followed the river bed some of the way, several times having to walk in the water, carefully stepping on rocks for balance. We found ourselves soaking up the beauty around us ~ the many shades of green, the delicate flowers, the sound of rushing water, and the magnificent waterfall at the top of the canyon. We climbed up on a big rock where we ate lunch and rested for a while before we began the journey back down. It's so awesome to realize how incredible the body is .... pushing ourselves and going just a little further when it would be so easy to stop. I thought about how many times I've gotten really close to something great, thinking about how difficult it would be to continue, and then pushing through anyway. The end result is always nothing less than breathtaking, just like the waterfall at the top of the canyon. And then I think about the times I may have stopped short of the goal, and what I probably missed. Oh how grateful I am for being blessed with perseverance and a strong body, and also for an adventurous spirit. How sad it would have been to miss this. As for our Alaska-bound princess .... she will be discovering a new frontier -- new to her, anyway. Happy for her, sad to see her go, excited for what lies ahead. Glad we had this time to experience Adams Canyon together one more time, a memory we'll all keep tucked away in our hearts. We'll do it again next time you're in Utah, Chels. Till then ..... I love you every day!