Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sweet .... and Oh So Smart!

I just got off the phone with Ashlie's 5-year old daughter Destiny who I've nicknamed "Cupcake" because she's so dang sweet! She told me how excited she is that she's now registered for Kindergarten. With the same excitement that reminded me of Ashlie at that age, she described how she's looking forward to making new friends, riding the school bus, and learning lots of new things. She already reads on a 4th grade level, adds and subtracts, knows a lot about a lot for a 5-year old (get the picture?).

Here's how part of our conversation went:

Destiny: Mawna, can you teach me another word in Filipino?

Me: How about stink?

Destiny: think?

Me: No, stink

Destiny: Did you say drink?

Me: No, stink -- like when something smells bad.

Destiny: Oh, you mean like stench!

Me: Ya Destiny, that's what I meant.

Look out Kindergarten .... here comes my Cupcake!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Past 60 Days .....

Time just seems to fly by these days. Before I know it, it's a new week -- or in the case of blog posting -- a new month! A recap of the past two months includes a hike Randy and I took up Mueller Canyon, which is 8 miles round trip. It took us three hours but was such an incredible hike. The view from the top (called Elephant Rock) was gorgeous and was worth every step to get there. Randy carried Brody in the Kelty backpack and the three of us enjoyed a sunshiny day with a side order of cherries and grapes to keep our energy level up! As much as I love Adams Canyon, Mueller might be my new favorite!

We also celebrated Randy's 60th birthday by taking a road trip together down to San Diego. We visited Jen and Paul and Zack and Joe, and spent some time with Patrick and Tammy and Nicholas and Jake. Paul barbequed some killer steaks and Jen baked her Dad a beautiful cake. What a ton of love and a wonderful memory we have of that weekend -- doesn't get better than that!

On that same road trip, we drove up to Stockton to pick up my Mom to bring her to Utah for a visit. She loved it so much that we talked her into moving here. She has said "goodbye" to Stockton and will arrive here this Friday. We have her room all ready and are anxious to get her here! We're hoping that she will be happy living with us and seeing some of her grandchildren and great grandchildren a little more often.

On the 4th of July, Randy and I ran in the Layton City 5K Fun Run. We ran with another couple and none of us really intended to "race" or come in first or win anything. We just wanted to complete the event and enjoy the time together, which we did! Hey, we even got a t-shirt for our entry fee! And I was just happy to finish!! Later that day we went over to Dustin and Shalee's for a barbeque. Their backyard is huge and we played all kinds of lawn games and enjoyed a fabulous day with some really fun people. Kaiya and Brody played in the kiddie pool and in the sandbox. Those two little kids absolutely adore each other -- it's so cute to see them together! When it got dark, Dustin put on a show-stopper in the street with some awesome fireworks. What a super day!

Last week we took a trip to Lake Powell with Tiffanie and Ben and Ben's parents, Jill and Lowell. They have become some of our best friends and we like to hang out together whenever possible! This trip to Powell included Ben's brother Ronnie and his wife Angie, Ben's younger sister Carrie and her friend Chelsea. We found a perfect spot at Iceberg Canyon where we docked the houseboat and just played in the water non-stop everyday -- tubing, wakeboarding, floating --playing cards, targetshooting, and eating lots and lots of yummy food! What a fabulous mini-vacation!

If life isn't exciting (or busy) enough, I was recently offered a position with a company who manages several treatment programs nationwide. I will market two of them: an in-home therapy program for families in Utah, and a recovery program used by therapists all over the U.S. who treat sexual addiction. I have a week behind me already and I can tell this is going to be not only challenging, but very rewarding indeed!

There. The last 60 days in six paragraphs! Life is busy, exciting, and very fulfilling. Although I'll try to update on a more regular basis, I hope you'll understand if you tune in and read "same old, same old" now and then! If you read between the lines, you'll know that it's really not "same old" at all!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Catching Up .....

So I've heard from quite a few people (who actually read my blog) that "spending the day with Chels" is old news (is that what's called an oxymoron?) and boring to read day after day! Well, sorry ..... but hopefully this very brief post will explain why I haven't given sufficient attention to my blog recently. Since hiking up Adams Canyon (when was that anyway? oh ya, a month ago, e-gads where does the time go?), I have:
  • hiked up Mueller Canyon (8 miles round trip)
  • run in a 5K race (OK, so that's only 3.2 miles, but I came in 7th in my age group!)
  • drove to San Diego with Randy to visit our three oldest Booker kids and four incredible grandsons
  • brought my mother to Utah to visit us for 2-1/2 weeks in June
  • celebrated July 4th with Dustin and Shalee and Kaiya in their great big new backyard
  • spent five days on a houseboat at Lake Powell with Tiffanie and Ben and the Williams family, and

-- drum roll please --

  • accepted a job offer as Director of Business Development for Proficio Management, Inc. (please check out so you'll understand why I'm so totally stoked out of my mind right now, and a little overwhelmed, I might add)!

And, in the spirit of being too dang busy to update my blog, I don't even have time to do this post justice. So I will elaborate (for those of you who even care) on all of the above within the next 48 hours ..... I promise!