Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Stephen!

Ashlie and Stephen arrived late Friday night to celebrate Stephen's birthday. Of all the places they could have chosen to go, they came to visit us! Portland is a 12-hour drive so they were all pretty tired when they arrived. Destiny (5) and Lyric (4) are such good travelers, and with lots of help from Stephen's mother, Sylvia, the trip was perfect! Sylvia is one of the greatest people I know and we are blessed to be friends. We're so happy she was able to come with them. The kids call her "NayNay" and I am their "Mawna." They call Randy "Peepa" and together we are one pretty happy bunch!
Destiny and Lyric made us two beautiful ceramic plates which have taken their place on the kitchen wall. I know that every grandmother thinks her grandchildren are the brightest and cutest and smartest and most delightful. But since this is MY blog, I will just say that they are simply two of the most precious little people in the world and I adore them with my whole heart!
Five of the Booker kids were able to get together at Chelsie's for a party Saturday night. I hear they had a marvelous time singing and laughing and talking about old and new times. They really enjoy being together and that warms my heart! The grandparents tended Kaiya (Dustin's) and Brody (Courtnie's) for the evening. The four cousins had a blast together and the grandparents were just plain worn out! I wouldn't have it any other way though. We laughed and sang and played games. This is exactly why I wanted to move back to Utah! It's so great to be around family again. I'm so happy and so grateful. My heart is overflowing! P.S. I got a phone call from Destiny today. She was crying, "I miss you Mawna." I told her I'd send her a calendar so she could mark off the days until we're together again. That dried her tears a little.