Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Really, Really Good Mom ..... Really!

Just a short little post tonight ..... cuz I'm just thinking about a really, really good mommy. She's totally and 100% devoted to her little baby boy. She works really hard to provide a safe and happy environment for him. She prepares really healthy meals for him and makes sure he eats, even when he doesn't really feel like it. She goes without some things in order to get him other things. She plays with him and sings really silly songs to him. She reads parenting magazines and tries new recipes that she thinks he'll really like. She lets him be a little boy and really encourages his creativity. She seems to glow just watching him discover new things. She double-checks his car seat and makes sure he's always buckled up and happy. She doesn't leave him very often, but when she does, it's usually with ME! She walks the floor with him at night when he's sick and gets medicine down him like magic. She takes lots of pictures of him and shares them with those who really care. She plans for (and worries about) his future. She brags about the cute things he does and shows a lot of patience when he tests her! She smiles a smile only a really, really good mother wears. She loves him like crazy. Yep, she's a really, really good mom. Really! You've probably already guessed it ..... I'm talkin' about my Courtnie. I admire and respect her for how she's raising her little Brody. Really. How I love her (and her little munchkin) ..... ..... really!