Monday, March 23, 2009

My Little Betty Crocker Daughter!

Her name is really "Tiffanie" .... not Betty! Our ward Relief Society is having a huge birthday dinner tomorrow night and I signed up to bring a cake for dessert. Since Tiffanie is the baker in the family, I asked her if she'd decorate a cake for me and, being the sweet and kind daughter that she is, she whipped one together tonight! It's a four-layer chocolate cake with pink frosting between each layer, covered in chocolate frosting with pink polka-dots. A designer cake if I ever saw one! Now I ask you (dear readers of my blog), who's cuter, the cake or the girl? Are you kidding? Hands down, the girl -- inside and out! But we're gonna eat that cute cake tomorrow night, for sure!

P.S. Notice the apron? The girl just has class. And I really like her a lot. The end.

Oh Deer!

I woke up this morning and found two deer grazing in my backyard. I watch the "Today Show" each morning and heard that Matt Lauer was recovering from a bicycle accident he had over the weekend. Seems he had a run-in with a deer! Sounds like to avoid hitting the creature, over the handlebars he went! Coincidence? Well, I haven't seen a deer in my backyard before! Hope Matt recovers soon ..... the show isn't the same without him!