Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's Just the Little Things .... prompted by my Chelsie-girl!

Calm tea with Stevia extract; long "Shade" brand t-shirts; Hawaiian flip flops; Patricia Wexler (she needs to hire us for marketing purposes); wearing an apron when I cook; snorkeling with giant turtles in Hawaii; re-reading notes from my children when they were small; long walks and talks with Randy; violin music; the smell of bread baking; catching a whiff of coffee beans at the grocery store; any kind of surprise; eating with my fingers and getting really messy so I can lick 'em clean; long hot bubble baths by candlelight; Brody's gibberish*; waffles with peanut butter and maple syrup; making a hole in the center of a stack of pancakes and filling it with syrup; my big red velour VS robe; tea parties at the Beehive Tea Room with my girls; flying kites; music by Kenneth Cope; sneaking bites of ice cream from the freezer with a fork; Chelsie's "special" dance; watching birds at the feeder in our backyard; playing board games even when I never win; having everyone over for Sunday dinner; Chinese New Year in San Francisco; the sound of a waterfall or fountain; a massage by Tiffany Anderson; movies that make me laugh or cry (a movie that does both gets an A+); a cup of hot cocoa with whipped cream; tapping Randy on the shoulder when I want him to slow dance with me to a mushy old love song; salsa from Patricia's in Ogden; eating breakfast outside; getting flowers; tinted mint-flavored lip gloss; old photos; theater popcorn; foot rubs; peanut M&M's; my home-made granola and muffins; falling asleep watching TV; big long tight hugs and a kiss on the cheek; hearing my mother laugh; my girlfriends from 7th grade; getting a good pedicure; black tights in the winter; tonic water with 2 limes no ice
******************************************************************* * Wikipedia defines "gibberish" as: a generic term in English for talking that sounds like speech, but has no actual meaning. The common theme in gibberish statements is a lack of literal sense, which can also be described as a presence of nonsense.