Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Tiffanie!

Today our family celebrates Tiffanie's 22nd birthday. So much can be said of this sweet and beautiful daughter. I will write this from the perspective of a very blessed and happy mother! She is child number 8 and the caboose of the Booker family! Tiffanie Anne Booker Williams was only born because her father had this brilliant and incredible idea to have another baby! I was sitting on the floor in the family room on a warm summers day in 1986... folding laundry.... little people sitting all around me -- Chelsie (2-1/2), Courtnie (4), Ashlie (5-1/2), and Dustin (7) -- lots of thoughts running through my head ..... the memory of having 3 in diapers at the same time; two years earlier having 4 pre-schoolers tugging at my shirt asking for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich ("cut in corners please, no crust"); married to a near-perfect husband with a demanding job; trying to balance life with three older kids who lived in California at the time; grinding wheat and baking bread; maintaining a large garden and bottling fruits and vegetables; doing 3 loads of laundry every day; cleaning house; volunteering at the hospital and the elementary school once a week; and teaching Sunday School at church.
Back to the scene on the floor in the family room in July of 1986 -- my idea: gather all the baby things and have a garage sale! Randy's idea: let's have another baby!
I remember looking at him in bewilderment and thinking to myself, "Are you nuts?" Followed by, "Here's an idea ... YOU have it!" All kidding aside, we did what we always do before making any important decision ..... we thought about it, prayed about it, waited for an answer, and Tiffanie was born 9 months later!
She has blessed our lives (and the lives of everyone who has ever met her) since the day she was born. We laugh at silly family stories about her, we tease her for being so fresh and unassuming; we stand in awe of her accomplishments; we are grateful for the wonderful man she married (Benjamin Ray Williams), we respect her choice to pursue an education in the medical field, we rejoice in her happiness, and we celebrate her birthday today.
Happy birthday dear daughter, #8, Babycakes, Tippy-Toes, youngest, and all the silly nicknames your siblings call you -- you are the sweetest person I have ever known and my life is blessed because you're in it! I will be eternally grateful to your Dad who was more in-tune with the spirit than I apparently had time to be.
I love you!