Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day - Chapter 2 of 2

Knowing that this day has not been one of my favorite annual celebrations (see previous post), Randy took a different approach this year. He came home on Friday night announcing it was "Ocho de Mayo" (May 8th)! He explained that I was not his mother and that this year he simply wanted to celebrate "womanhood." I must admit, this got my attention! So I opened the first gift he gave me -- a figurine of a man and woman in a "slow dance" embrace. We mirrored the figurine and began to dance without music! I know, I'm a hopeless romantic, what can I say? And he's such a good sport! Then I opened the next gift -- a beautiful book entitled "Daughters of God" by M. Russell Ballard. He had a few comments about that gift, but I'm keeping them to myself. The last gift was a box of chocolate truffles which we tore open and shared right there on the spot! Is this sweet or what?? I had already begun to label this weekend "the best Mother's Day ever" ..... It was Dustin and Shalee's idea to meet at the zoo on Saturday and spend the whole day together celebrating Mother's Day. It was so sweet to hear our two little grandchildren (Kaiya and Brody) as they "ooo'd" and "ahh'd" at every stop! Randy and I loved spending this time with Courtnie, Chelsie, Tiffanie & Ben, and Dustin & Shalee. The weather was perfect, the animals were amazing, and we took our time just strolling through the zoo enjoying every bit of the day! We got a couple of very unique pictures -- a giraffe's eyelashes and the bottom of a tiger's foot ..... yep, "amazing" is an adequate word, don't ya think? Then on Sunday, Tiffanie and Chelsie came to our house and fixed dinner for Jill (Tiffanie's mother-in-law), Courtnie, and me. Of course we shared with those who were not mothers (i.e., Randy, Lowell, Brody, and Ben's sister Carrie)! These two special daughters brought everything to make two kinds of quiche, spinach salad, asparagus, and rolls. Delicious! And so so so very appreciated by the three mothers they honored. They gave each of us a work of art that was almost too beautiful to eat ..... ..... an edible flower pot! Oreo cookies that looked like dirt and flowers made of red velvet cake (my favorite), dipped in white chocolate, and decorated with candy! Too cute to eat? Oh no! As you can see from the picture above, Jill and I were very anxious to taste this magnificent creation! How very sweet (literally) and thoughtful! Lovely cards and thoughtful phonecalls from the other Booker children and grandchildren who live far away truly warmed my heart. Thank you all for making this a simply marvelous and very special day for me! I will never forget it! Oh, and for the record? I'm looking forward to Mother's Day 2010 ..... only 364 more days!

Mother's Day - Chapter 1 of 2

I've heard that Mother's Day has a reputation for some (not all) mothers which (for me, in the past) goes something like this: wake up *** get ready for church *** can't find a shoe *** put dinner in the oven on timed-bake so it will be ready when we get home from church [starving] *** still looking for that shoe *** hoping child number "whatever" will call either before or after church so I don't miss their call *** feeling less-than-worthy of the beautiful card from husband *** wondering if child number "whatever" thought to buy/address/stamp/mail a card for this once-a-year acknowledgement of labor/delivery/raising of said child *** still looking for that darn shoe *** feeling less-than-appreciative of my own mother/mother-in-law *** will they like the card/gift I selected especially for them??? *** realizing that I forgot to buy rolls for dinner *** wondering why I created the habit of having rolls for Sunday dinner anyway *** forget looking for the damn shoe and settle for another pair that doesn't even match what I'm wearing *** listening to talk-after-talk-after-talk about someone else's [perfect] mother and wishing I could be that mother instead of the one wearing the stupid shoes that I hate and didn't want to wear anyway *** silently thinking that the flower I was just handed at church will probably wilt and die *** come home from church and check the answering machine *** make long-distance calls to mother and mother-in-law *** eat dinner which would have been better with rolls *** fall into bed -- dead tired -- and remind myself that there are 364 days until next Mother's Day ..... I just know it will be different .....