Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Kid .....

Courtnie was able to take a quick trip to California last week so Randy and I got to play "Gramma and Grampa" for five days! Ours is like a second home to Brody ~ he knows where his bed is and (more importantly to him) where all the toys are! He always motors straight for the tub of balls and starts to chuck 'em everywhere. The kid has quite an arm! His favorite thing to do is throw the balls down the stairs and yell "Git it!" (not "Get it!") -- fully expecting us to retrieve whatever he has thrown! He also loves to be outside where he can kick any kind of ball he can find. The kid has quite a leg! Quite possibly a soccer player some day?
The kid loves the outdoors! We enjoyed a day filled with sunshine at the park, going for walks, feeding the ducks, swinging, eating popsicles, running, making friends with other little kids, getting dirty, riding in the stroller, and everything else you do outside. But his favorite thing of all is to follow his Grampa anywhere he goes!
He knows the bedtime routine here -- a warm bath, a lotion massage from head to toe, a drink, and Gramma's lullabye. Voila ~ there you have it! The recipe for bedtime when he's at our house. And it works! He goes right to sleep and wakes up smiling. The kid has quite the personality!
One of the cutest things about Brody is that he loves (I'm talkin' loves) music! As soon as he hears anything with a beat, he starts dancing around. He bends his knees and bounces up and down and puts both pointer fingers up in the air, keeping perfect time to the music! The kid has rhythm! On Saturday we hiked to the top of Adams Canyon. It was gorgeous! Randy carried Brody on his back the whole trip. I swear he was a camel in his former life (Randy, not Brody)! Chelsie and I took lots of pictures and did our share of "oooo'ing" and "ahhh'ing" the entire hike. Totally magnificent! But there came a time when Brody had had enough of sitting in the backpack and that's when he began to howl. Boy oh boy, the kid has a set of lungs!
..... and just in time to hand him back to his Mommy who missed him more than words can say! It was a sweet reunion to see these two very special people back together again. As for Gramma and Grampa? We're gonna sleep for 36 hours ~ no throwing, no kicking, no toys in the bathtub ..... no kidding! And just for the record -- we really love that kid!