Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Catching Up .....

So I've heard from quite a few people (who actually read my blog) that "spending the day with Chels" is old news (is that what's called an oxymoron?) and boring to read day after day! Well, sorry ..... but hopefully this very brief post will explain why I haven't given sufficient attention to my blog recently. Since hiking up Adams Canyon (when was that anyway? oh ya, a month ago, e-gads where does the time go?), I have:
  • hiked up Mueller Canyon (8 miles round trip)
  • run in a 5K race (OK, so that's only 3.2 miles, but I came in 7th in my age group!)
  • drove to San Diego with Randy to visit our three oldest Booker kids and four incredible grandsons
  • brought my mother to Utah to visit us for 2-1/2 weeks in June
  • celebrated July 4th with Dustin and Shalee and Kaiya in their great big new backyard
  • spent five days on a houseboat at Lake Powell with Tiffanie and Ben and the Williams family, and

-- drum roll please --

  • accepted a job offer as Director of Business Development for Proficio Management, Inc. (please check out so you'll understand why I'm so totally stoked out of my mind right now, and a little overwhelmed, I might add)!

And, in the spirit of being too dang busy to update my blog, I don't even have time to do this post justice. So I will elaborate (for those of you who even care) on all of the above within the next 48 hours ..... I promise!