Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sweet .... and Oh So Smart!

I just got off the phone with Ashlie's 5-year old daughter Destiny who I've nicknamed "Cupcake" because she's so dang sweet! She told me how excited she is that she's now registered for Kindergarten. With the same excitement that reminded me of Ashlie at that age, she described how she's looking forward to making new friends, riding the school bus, and learning lots of new things. She already reads on a 4th grade level, adds and subtracts, knows a lot about a lot for a 5-year old (get the picture?).

Here's how part of our conversation went:

Destiny: Mawna, can you teach me another word in Filipino?

Me: How about stink?

Destiny: think?

Me: No, stink

Destiny: Did you say drink?

Me: No, stink -- like when something smells bad.

Destiny: Oh, you mean like stench!

Me: Ya Destiny, that's what I meant.

Look out Kindergarten .... here comes my Cupcake!