Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Sprinkle of Africa

Is this the most darling butter dish and salt and pepper set you've ever seen?  I found this at KUDU Gifts and Decor from Africa located at 2155 East 2100 South in Salt Lake.  I love the way this set brightens my kitchen and makes me smile!  The holes are just a little too large for salt and pepper and I already have a couple sets that I use (but they're very plain and boring!) so I put organic sugar in one and flour in the other.  It's fun to sprinkle sugar on my oatmeal or cereal -- and so convenient to sprinkle flour on my counter as I roll out pie crust or sugar cookies.  The cute little ladies are wearing my favorite color (RED) and cause me to sing and even giggle while I'm using them!  

There are so many really great items in the shop.  Tiffanie's mother-in-law, Kleis, owns KUDU. Lauren and Susan (Tiffanie's sisters-in-law) help run it.  Stop in to visit sometime and they'll tell you about a group of women who are alive and thriving in Africa because people like us buy their beautiful hand-made items.  I love this new addition to my kitchen!  


Resa said...

Maybe we can stop by there this weekend and check it out!

Becky said...

I love the idea of having a fun container for the sugar and flour - awesome idea and then read further and absolutely love the concept of this store. I will be visiting. Thanks for sharing and hope we can get together again sometime soon.